Associate Professor of Medicine. Division of Community Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN USA.  2015-Present

Areas of expertise:  Use of real-world evidence to inform diabetes management, particularly in the context of multi-morbidity and clinical complexity; patient-centered care delivery models to facilitate effective, equitable, safe, and timely care; data science applications to health care (e.g. machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, augmented/virtual reality).

Research Program: Dr. McCoy’s interests lie in understanding, individualizing, and improving the care for people with diabetes, particularly in the context of multi-morbidity. Her research relies on using real-world data and advanced computational methods to identify optimal diabetes management strategies and care delivery methods, with the ultimate goal of developing and facilitating patient-centered, evidence-based, timely, and equitable approaches to care.

Clinical Interest: Diabetes management in the context of multi-morbidity; diabetes management in primary care settings; care for older adults with diabetes across the continuum of care settings (e.g. hospital, home, long-term care facilities) and during care transitions.